Azure El Salvador

Calle Arturo Ambrogi #19-303

Col. Escalón, San Salvador, El Salvador


+503 2566 6555


What is it?


It is a trust aimed at benefiting the Salvadoran population with low or modest economic incomes residing in households located in rural communities, peri-urban areas, large rural towns, and small cities that receive their services through water and sanitation service operators (OSAS)

Its objective is to facilitate timely and accessible credit financing to expand and improve water and sanitation service infrastructure, ensuring adequate, safe, and affordable water service to poor and marginalized communities in developing countries in the Americas.


Managed by Bandesal, El Salvador's goverment in partnership with Azure.

Credit financing is provided through financial institutions expressing to BANDESAL their willingness to intermediate resources.

These institutions are qualified by Fideagua.

BANDESAL follows the evaluation methodology and credit regulations approved for FIDEAGUA. FIDEAGUA

Technical assistance

We accompany your management by facilitating the credit loan process, presenting the necessary technical documentation for the approval of your projects such as:

• Technical folders or profiles

• Actual investment budgets for system expansion.

• Designs and engineering.

• System's diagnostics.

• Market analysis studies and financial opportunities.

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